Hire Me


Bilingual Canadian technology educator with international teaching experience, I have had the opportunity to train teachers from across Canada and the world. If you are looking for a passionate educational technology educator to inspire your teachers to integrate technology into their classroom, please feel free to contact me at canadiantech@gmail.com.

I am available for the following:

  • Integrating technology into the primary classroom
  • Integrating technology into the secondary school classroom
  • Integrating technology into adult learning
  • Introducing a one-to-one laptop or iPad program into the classroom
  • Provide teachers with training in the use of the integration of Google Apps for Education into the classroom
  • Consultation on using social media to effectively promote your school and/or business
  • Consultation on using cloud based computing for collaboration, communication, student work and evaluation
  • Consultation on creating Student ePortfolios
  • Training teachers to create classroom websites or blogs
  • Technology integration into the International Baccalaureate PYP, MYP & DP classroom
  • SMART Board integration
  • Consultation on creating blended learning and flipped learning environments
  • Consultation on how to create a paperless classroom
  • Assistance with creating and updating school technology policies
  • Assistance with the deployment of new online learning software: Educational Wiki, Moodle, Google Apps for Education, etc.
  • Transformation of paper curriculum into digital eLearning
  • Contract work as an Instructional designer

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