About Me

rsz_1rsz_img_8264Hello, my name is Alex Lianne Carter and I am an educational technology consultant passionate about providing support and training for new technology to professionals alike to transform more traditional learning into digital learning. This inspiration stems from my enthusiasm towards implementing new technology in the workplace and across an institution and an organization.

My enthusiasm in helping favour technology integration in the workplace and classroom has led to me acquiring much knowledge in the area and having many educational technology experiences. By completing a Masters in Educational Technology and a Graduate Degree in Online Teaching for Adult Learners, I have been provided with the building blocks and skills to become an expert in the field of educational technology with a focus on instructional design for online courseware. This has allowed me to hone my skills to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate instructional materials for my learners.

With eight years of extensive classroom, blended learning and online teaching experience, I have designed, planned, created and evaluated effective training and produced authentic innovative, well-organized, and engaging learning materials for my learners.

Furthermore, I have been responsible for training educators and professionals using a variety of methods including one on one instruction, blended learning, group and web-based eLearning.

Check out https://about.me/canadianteched to learn more…

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