My journey from CanadianTechEd to Alex Lianne Carter – Innovator & Coach

Six years ago when I was first introduced to Twitter and blogging, I was quite shy about having my name and picture all over the web. Only I knew, that if I wanted to break into the online world of Educational Technology, I needed to create a presence for myself online. So like any problem solver, I found a solution that would help me create an online presence without being “too out there”. I decided to create a brand CanadianTechEd and chose to create a cartoon avatar, as my image. At the time, I was living in Ottawa and feeling very patriotic, I created my brand with the goal of being known as THE Canadian technology educator. Being fully bilingual, I thought there would be quite a market for myself, as I would be able to reach out and support the instruction of technology education in schools across Canada, in both official languages.

Over time, the role of technology instruction has changed, and my career has brought me across Canada, around the world, and now back in Alberta. As I stop and reflect, I realize am no longer THE Canadian Technology Educator, but that I have become an international innovator, who is very passionate about the integration of Educational Technology in the classroom to support the innovation of student learning.

So today, I found it quite ironic when George Couros contacted me this afternoon to discuss my Twitter handle. I just so happened to be reflecting the other day on my brand and my website, and asking myself if @CanadianTechEd really reflects who I am today.

After six years of being CanadianTechEd, it is time to move forward and focus on who I am at this stage of my career.

Thank you to the #IMMOOC community who have played a huge role in this self-reflection over the past few weeks.

If you missed #IMMOOC Season 2, Episode 3 – Check it out! And keep your ears open around the 14-minute, 10-second mark, when George makes a special shout out to yours truly!

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