Building trust within a team

I believe that one of the first things in building relationships and a culture of trust in your team is by being available for your team members. One of my teachers had a major breakthrough last week and shared with me that she experienced an “A-ha moment” by feeling supported. She knew that I was there to help her and I would continue to encourage her. Teachers will more likely be willing to take risks when they know that they can rely on their coach. I also believe that active listening is an important skill to develop trust. And not just listening, but caring. Taking the time to find out how your team members are doing, looking out for their health and best interest, and reminding them when it is time to take a break, are all important things to remember. Coaches also need to be open and honest, and available for discussions. They need to celebrate with their team when things go well and provide guidance when things don’t go as planned. Coaches also need to be able to provide constructive feedback and not be afraid to ask questions. Many of my teachers also say that they see me as their cheerleader, because no matter how big or small, I will always be on the sidelines to help see them through to the finish line.

What does your team say about you?

trust with your team.png

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