#ETCoaches…My first online book study & slow Twitter chat

In the world of educational technology, things are always changing: blog posts are being posted daily, tweets are being sent out every second, and from time to time, the EdTech world can seem overwhelming with the pressure of staying on top of all these changes and updates.

Thanks to the #ETCoaches slow Twitter chat and book study, I feel that these resources have helped me get my ideas organized and helped me refocus, using Twitter as a tool to stay current with the trends of educational technology and innovation. Participating in this online #ETCoaches book study and slow Twitter chat has forced me to be more structured with the time I spend online, with my reading before bedtime, and with how I organize what I learn in the sessions. This structure has also helped me come up with a Social Media Routine, something that I had been trying to establish for the past few years.

Now that my first book study on “Integrating Technology in the Classroom” by … has wrapped up, I have found another book study to participate in. This one will be discussing “The Innovators Mindset” by George Couros. And once that one is done, I will try and find another one. Why? Because not only are you connecting with educators around the world building your PLN, but it creates accountability in your reading and encourages you to reflect. We all have busy days, but like managing working full time and studying, or building a workout in your day, with proper planning and organization, you can make time and build this into your schedule.

If you have never considered an online book study, or are not currently participating in any online Twitter chats, I highly encourage you to start participating in one. I can’t even begin to explain how all of this participation, learning, and connecting has transformed me into a more knowledgeable and reflective leader in the field of EdTech & innovation. Furthermore, the spark has been lit back up in myself as I feel like I am now “on top” of things again.

Thank you online EdTech & Innovation Twitter world!

My participation in the #ETCoaches arose from the following snowball effect:
Innovators Mindset > Miracle Morning > Goal of becoming more active in Twitter Chats > Discovering and participating in #ETCoaches Slow Twitter Chat > More structured Social Media Schedule > Still to come: Better organization of my ideas and content for teachers with the creation of an online newsletter.


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