6 Steps to Becoming a Viral Educator

Today I attended a Webinar that discussed the 6 steps to becoming a Viral Educator. I found this to be a very valuable webinar in order to get organised and get ready for the next step of my adventure of becoming a great technology teacher, school coordinator, technology specialist, etc.
These 6 steps were presented by: Steven Anderson
Twitter @web20classroom
Email: steven.anderson@web20classroom.org
Some of you may feel that there are more or less then 6 steps. Please feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts on becoming a viral educator.
Step 1: Form a Brand (your online profile)
  • It’s all about your digital footprint
  • Name  – Always use the same spelling (Middle initial or not)
  • Your Blog
  • Twitter
  • Combine together –https://about.me/
  • QR Code – Link to your information http://qrcode.kaywa.com/
Step 2: Get connected
Alec Couros, PhD Thesis illustration,
the Networked Teacher 
Step 3: Share
  • A two way connection – give information back
  • Create new information or
  • Share the information
  • http://www.slideshare.net/ a great place to share your presentations with others.
Step 4: Reflect and think (reflections helps us grow and learn)
  • Start a blog
  • Ask questions
This is the blog post created by Alec Couros with a voicethread using the “connected teacher” image http://educationaltechnology.ca/couros/799
Step 5: Grow
  • Take time to engage in edchat, read others’ blogs, comment, and post new info.
  • Read others people posts, tweets, etc that think differently than you do
Step 6: Have fun
  • Always remember to Have Fun
 Thanks for reading!

And If you are just getting started,  start with Twitter, follow me : @canadianteched and check out : Social Media Getting Started: http://www.cybraryman.com/chats.html


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